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Bumper issue 2&3 2013 PDF Print Email
Written by Alberto Marvelli   
Sunday, 22 December 2013 17:33
Dear members,
I hope you will enjoy reading this bumper issue, containing fully 160
pages in colour, all dedicated to our beloved succulents.
Why a double issue? That’s easy: during the National Meeting in
Catania, after listening to the tale of our budgetary woes (not a pretty
story due to the continual loss of members) you, our members, asked
us to keep up the volume and high quality of our publications, rather
looking at all other ways of saving money and of balancing our budget
as soon as possible.
So that is what we have done!
This year’s first issue had 100 pages, numbers 2 and 3 have been
combined into a single booklet with 160 pages, bringing the total
to 260 pages, which was the standard for our four issues of previous
years. We have also left our small printers for a very large firm, which
has meant a considerable saving on printing and packaging costs.
This bumper issue has also somewhat reduced postal expenses.
It goes without saying that putting in place a revolution of this sort
has taken time and meant a lot of extra work, and I am sorry that
you are receiving this issue rather late.
It gives me great satisfaction to tell you that this journal of
ours is considered one of the best, perhaps even the very best
internationally. So I hope you will all continue to support it, and
renew your membership for 2014. And why not, maybe you could
also promote it among cactus-loving friends?
I take this opportunity to express my succulent good wishes for
the coming year.
With friendly greetings,
Alberto Marvelli

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Vendita Manuale sulla coltivazione PDF Print Email
Written by Bruno Magnani   
Friday, 21 January 2011 08:56

Autori. Urs Eggli & Laura Guglielmone

Titolo: Le succulente  come coltivarle
formato 15x21, 128  pagine 140 foto
Tutto quello che c'è da sapere per far crescere e fiorire i cactus e le altre succulente all'interno delle nostre abitazioni, sui nostri balconi e nei nostri giardini.
Il libro è una miniera di informazioni pratiche. Sono presi in esame tutti gli aspetti  della coltivazione, dagli spazi nei quali collocare le piante, ai fattori che ne influenzano la crescita, alla riproduzione, fino ai metodi di prevenzione e cura delle malattie e di lotta ai parassiti. Sebbene le necessità basilari dei cactus e delle altre succulente siano simili, le "peculiarità" degli uni e delle altre rendono, a volte, necessarie tecniche di coltivazione diverse.
Le specifiche esigenze di ciascun gruppo sono ampiamente discusse nel libro.



per soci - €16.50 EUR
Per non soci - €21.50 EUR



Last Updated on Sunday, 02 June 2013 10:59
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L’anno che si è appena concluso, il 2010, è stato dichiarato, dall’Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite, “Anno Internazionale della Biodiversità”.


Albert Pritchard, well known by the CACTUS & Co. members as the author of Introduction on the Euforbiaceae, has been, with his wife Daphne, a deep amateur and skinned grower of many species of this family. Unfortunately he’s gone away few months ago, before seeing this book printed. All our condoleances to the Albert’s family.

Melocactus, Care and Cultivation

Melocactus, cura e coltivazione

A monograph guide on Genus Melocactus that depicts these plants both in the wild and in cultivation. Very interesting the tips of cultivation and the long list of collection numbers with field data. The quality of the pictures makes this book a must also for the most generic succulent plant collectors.


Lithops, flowering Stones

Lithops flowering stones

Desmond Cole, the worldwide authority in fact of Living Stones, compiled this new edition iof its famous book 'Lithops, Flowering Stones' enriched by new photos of plants in the wild.



Cactus & Co. established a very good relationship with one of the most famous succulent plants expert of the world: Gordon Rowley, who decided to wrote this book: the most important and detailed opera on the monstrosities occurring to succulent plants.


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