An introduction to Euphorbiaceae

Author: Albert Pritchard, 2003.

64 pages, more than 48 large colour photos

Format A5 (162x230 mm), soft cover with laps, thread-bound

This book is a beginners' introduction to the succulent taxa of the Euphorbiaceae written by one of the most authoritative students of this huge and complex group of plants. In just a few pages, the author surveys all taxa

in cultivation describing each species with details on cultivation, habitat and ecology. Starting with the genealogical tree of Euphorbiaceae, taxa are split per geographical area, including a brief treatment of species from India and America. A special chapter is dedicates to the genus Monadenium, Synadenium, Jatropha and Pedilanthus, as well as to the Euphorbias for the garden, taxa with economical value and conservation. An incredible amount of valuable information for such a small price, a must have for all Euphorbia and succulents lovers.


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