Author: Albert Pritchard.

116 pages, 160 colour pictures, size: A4 21 x 29,7 cm, thread bound, soft plasticized colour cover

This book comes 40 years after Peter Bally's out of print monumental work to finally fill a void with the introduction of the several new species discovered along these years. With his book Albert Pritchard, a prominent figure in the world of succulent Euphorbiaceae, together with his wife

Daphne, and one of the founders of the specialist Association "Euphorbiaceae study group", provides a remarkable photographic documentation of all species including a description of main characters and precious cultivation tips.

While the genus has been lumped as a section within Euphorbia after recent DNA studies, the author prefers to maintain the old name Monadenium as many growers will no doubt do for long years to come. The book includes an appendix of new names published after the move of Monadenium in Euphorbia.


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